Welcome to Organized-Me blog series, a series of blogs about stuff I use (and love) that keep my room, workplace, and bags organized. People who are close to me know I don’t like clutter, so I always organize my stuff with help from a few items. So what are those items? Stay tuned…. (.^_^.)

Don’t you just love gadgets? Who doesn’t?

For busy people like me, gadgets are really a blessing, as they make my work easier. I’m not the type of person who owns only one gadget; it’s just not possible.

But several gadgets also means having more….CORDS!

Picture this: You need to get a charger/USB cable among your pile of wires and as you pull it out all the other wires cling to that one you need. So the next few minutes becomes a detangling war between you and your other cords. Happened to me a lot before. And don’t get me started when you go traveling with those wires….

Well not anymore!

I already bid tangled-cords scenarios goodbye since I used Rilakkuma Cord Winders and Leaf Tie Cable Organizers.

Rilakkuma Cord Winder (I use this one for my computer power cord)

The Rilakkuma is soooooo cute! Kikay. (.^_^.)

Leaf Tie Cable Organizer (keeps the speaker cords from tangling with the power cords and my feet at my office)

Thanks to these babies I never have to waste time detangling cords from each other before I pull them out of their respective boxes.

See how my cord storage boxes seem hassle-free?

I want you organized too, so grab your own Rilakkuma cord winder/Leaf cable ties and start organizing your gadget cables now! These wonders are available locally at my store PocketScents.


Good order is the foundation of all things.– Edmund Burke

Don’t agonize. Organize.– Florence Kennedy

Let’s all be organized together! Haha! (.^_^.) Ciao