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Oils For My Husband (My Life With Young Living Series Part 1)

Disclaimer: I am not a know-it-all expert on Young Living products , I’m just writing about my experience.

Hello oilbolaryos! This Young Living series is for you!

I decided to write a blog series about my tried and proven Young Living products because a number of friends keep asking if the oils are really worth it. One of my Facebook friends also founded a barter community so I put some of my oils that I don’t use anymore up for trade. The ones who bartered with me also asks questions about on how to use the oils, what other oils I use, and how effective they are. Some of them availed of last month’s irresistable starter kit promo and they’re kinda anxious if they made the right choice. I say it’s a pretty good deal. 👍🏻 My starter kit cost a lot more way back then.

I thought I’ll just write one post about how I use my Young Living oils, but then I realized it’s gonna be too long so I decided on a series instead.

This is also an I-was-right-about-getting-these! post for my husband, hahahaha! 😆 He thought I was just making a mindless subscription years ago but he sure is benefitting a lot from my essential rewards now. My friends’ husbands had similar reactions too. I even remember one of them tell me that her husband told her “Murag gipaaso ra nimo ang kwarta 😁.” (It’s like you’re turning our cash to smoke). Needless to say they were converted easily after reaping the benefits. I mean, my husband LOVES the oils I use for him now, so I’m sure it’s the same for others out there.

So, without further ado, here are my husband’s favorite Young Living combos:

Hubby enjoys weekend motor trail bike rides with his comrades. I expect him coming home with some body pains, since tumbling down on difficult trails comes with the sport. This combo also comes in handy when he comes home from the farm after doing heavy farm work. He’s not the type who just stands and watches, he really gets his hands dirty and joins the farm workers while supervising.

I apply Deep Relief on areas where his muscles are sore and massage him well, then I apply Panaway neatly (pure, no dilution) afterwards. In that order. I tried applying Panaway first before but he complained that oil felt hot, he really likes Deep Relief applied first because it’s soothing his aching muscles then top it off with Panaway because it completely takes the muscle pain away.

My significant other is snoring blissfully by my side after his massage with this combo while I’m typing this.

My husband participates on weekly YANUT Ball Club basketball games before the COVID-19 outbreak. He enjoys an after-sports massage before going to sleep so I searched on what suitable massage oil to buy, either Ortho Ease or Ortho Sport. I decided on Ortho Sport because it’s stronger and purchased it from Young Living USA. Then I had it shipped via Kango Express.

I mix Panaway with Ortho Sport if their game that day was more fatiguing than usual.

Ah, this one. Discovering this combo and feeling its effects made my husband a believer in Young Living, ahahaha!

There were back-to-back celebrations last year so my husband joined with his friends’ drinking spree. As expected, he had quite the hangover that kept him bedridden all day and all night. When he awakes he is greeted by a splitting headache that makes him groan and walk like a zombie, then promises never to drink that much again (he still does 😏).

Times like that are bothersome especially if we have catering events the next day that needs his supervision or if he needs to do a long drive the following day, so I researched on a blend that helps with hangovers. Then I found this diffuser recipe:

3 drops Lavender and 2-3 drops Rosemary

I diffused it one morning while he was asleep, hangover from the previous night’s drinking session with his friends, in our bedroom and went on with my chores. To my surprise, he woke up at lunchtime feeling better (with only a minor headache remaining) and went to our restaurant’s kitchen to check on operations. Well that never happened before, it must be the oils! I diffused this a few more times when he came home drunk and it really cuts his recovery time from alcohol consumption. Amazing!

My husband only drinks occasionally, so I don’t know if this blend will be as effective to those who drink alcohol everyday or almost everyday.

I have various combinations for oils before sleeping (which I’ll write about in later posts), but this one is my husband’s absolute favorite. The combo is just an experiment of mine since I like the scent of oregano, but find it too strong and overpowering for diffusing, so I decided to add zesty citrus oils. This is the combo:

4 drops Lemon, 3 drops Citrus Fresh, and 2 drops Oregano

One evening I was putting this blend in our Desert Mist diffuser in our bedroom when I heard my husband inhaling deeply. Then he said these exact words: “Humot lage kaayo na. Murag familiar ang baho, dayon naa happy childhood memory involved pero di ko maremember exactly. Basta maka happy ang baho.” (Translation: That’s really fragrant. It smells familiar, like it trigerred a happy childhood memory but I can’t remember exactly. It just makes me happy.) Then he smiled and closed his eyes to sleep.

Aaaaand we’re diffusing it a lot ever since. I like the benefits too, since Lemon and Citrus Fresh are antiviral and refreshes the air while Oregano boosts the respiratory system. A fitting blend to diffuse during the pandemic.

This blend is originally made for deterring swarms of ants from nesting in our L300 and pickup truck because insects hate the scent of peppermint and Thieves. I don’t want to use Baygon spray because it’s toxic and it smells bad. Hubby and I were about to run errands one day so I sprayed this blend inside the pickup truck 5 minutes before leaving. He inhaled deeply as he sat on the driver’s seat and remarked:

Hubby: Humot kaayo ni oh. Ganahan ko. Nag spray ka?” (Translation: It smells great. I like it. Did you spray in here?)

Me: “Oo kay pampawala sa lamigas.” (Translation: Yes, to drive away ants.).

Hubby: “Ganahan ko sa baho ani. Makarelax ug refreshing ang humot.” (Translation: I like this scent. It’s relaxing ang refreshing.)

And we’re using it ever since.

To make this car spray I mix 2 drops of Thieves Household cleaner and 3 drops Peppermint oil in a small sprayer bottle and fill it with distilled water. If you want a more disinfecting car spray add 1-2 drops of witch hazel extract.

Note: Our vehicles’ upholstery is fabric. I haven’t tried spraying this on leather yet. I read somewhere that Thieves Household cleaner can be drying on leather. For leather upholstered cars I suggest diffusing Peppermint EO using Orb diffuser instead.

Hubby doesn’t use this massage oil but it benefits him GREATLY. I’ll explain in awhile.😉

Earlier this year (before the pandemic hit) I ordered some Young Living products from the US catalog to order some massage oils for myself and my husband, along with Sacred Mountain, Clarity, Brain Power, and Thieves dental floss. I only did a full research on the effects of Ortho Ease and Ortho Sport – the two choices for hubby’s massage oils – and eventually chose Ortho Sport. I bought Relaxation massage oil for myself and then I saw this one, Sensation, on the online catalog. I looked at the ingredients and saw Ylang-ylang, Bergamot, and Jasmine on the list and told myself, “Wow, I bet this smells great!”, and added it on my cart and checked out.

My package arrived a month later so I booked our regular masseuse on a weekend when my husband has a basketball game. I’m excited to try on our massage oils because Sensation smells oh-so-fragrant-and-oh-so-feminine and I’m curious if Ortho Sport lives up to the hype (it does). I had my massage first before my husband and the masseuse remarked how fragrant and uncommon our massage oils are. I also would like to point out that our masseuse slathers us with massage oils like there’s no tomorrow, hahaha! Moving on…

Fast forward to bedtime and I started feeling frisky! 😉 Needless to say we enjoyed a romantic night – my husband especially because I was the more active one that evening, and when to sleep.

Two weeks later I booked our masseuse again and used Sensation and the same thing happened that evening! This went on until the third time I used this oil for massage. We were lying in bed after lovemaking and hubby said, “Huh, you’re unusually hot today. Are you fertile?” I checked my menstrual calendar and replied “My calendar doesn’t show I’m in my fertile week. That’s odd.” Then it hit me. I didn’t eat any aphrodisiac foods, I’m not in my fertile week, didn’t read anything unusual, but I just had a massage earlier that evening, just like those other nights. So I looked up on the effects of Sensation the next day and wow, it’s for heating things up in the bedroom! Hahaha! I just bought it for the scent but I didn’t expect this at all! But I must say, IT’S EFFECTIVE. Bow chicka bow wow. ❤️

I’m not sure if it’s effective for women only but I read somewhere that if you want the male version for men, use Goldenrod essential oil.

And that’s it for my blog, Oils For My Husband! I hope you enjoyed this first part of My Life with Young Living Series. I’ll be blogging about the oils I use for the second part of this series so stay tuned! Till my next blog everyone! Ciao! 🌷

– iamprincesssalvia 

Thoughts and Musings During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Greetings fellow earthlings! This COVID-19 pandemic really did a number on us eh? Businesses shut down, stock market brought down to an all-time low, all travel put on hold, unemployment on the rise, schools closed, you know the gist.

Sure, it’s easy to be gripped with fear, anxiety, and despair but don’t lose hope. Just like all things, this too shall pass, and this dark period in human history will be just a distant memory. Which reminds me, I remember our high school vice principal, Ms. Quitain, ask us during recitation in one of our science classes: “What makes us the dominant species in spite of different changes to our environment?” I raised my hand then and answered, “The answer is the ability to adapt, ma’am.”. Yes, humans are skilled at adapting that we survived numerous disasters that almost wiped us all out. History records prove that. So chill, a cure/vaccine will eventually be invented and it will be soon safe to go out again – albeit making some changes to our way of life.


©️Rose Hill Designs by Heather Stillufsen



Majority of us are in quarantine/lockdown in our homes so that means a lot of time with family and pets. Closed schools means most parents have to homeschool their kids (hoho, bet you parents appreciate your children’s teachers more now huh?). I see a lot of my friends post about moments with their families, like beating the summer heat by dipping in their inflatable pools since swimming pools and beaches are closed (ah, I miss going to the beach), binge on Kdramas and Netflix, gardening, cooking, and just like me, singing live on Facebook or sharing my TikTok videos. I also went on a manga reading spree.

©️Rose Hill Designs by Heather Stillufsen

Admit it, staying at home means less choices for activities and that leads to boredom. To break the monotony of daily routine most of us unleashed our rusty talents while some learned new skills by watching tutorials online. Since we have no restaurant operations because of the pandemic I decided to re-train myself in singing – my #1 talent hahaha! Doing so got me in a rude awakening that I have A LOT to fix in my technique to whip me back in optimum singing shape again. Making TikTok videos tapped my dormant acting skills I shelved since quitting the theatre ages ago. It feels good to sing and act again. To mix up my fitness routine I dance to Kpop like Blackpink’s and Twice’s songs. I know I’m not that much of a dancer but I really enjoy it. And it was great cardio. 💪🏻

Here’s compilation #1 of my TikTok videos. Enjoy. Libre kantyaw. 😆


Minimalism has taken a lot more meaning during this pandemic. “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things” is a documentary I keep watching and downloading on Netflix because I find the concept appealing and practical. Looking around our humble abode has hit me with serious buyer’s remorse upon realizing that I don’t need most of the items I have and is just contributing to clutter. Most of them don’t spark joy – yes, I’ve read “The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. Looks like I’ll hold a “Minimalism Garage Sale” soon. I have to sell most of the items because it’s impractical to throw your extra Ray-Bans, preloved Kate Spade bags, Oniitsuka sneakers, Sperry Top siders, and original perfumes, right? Some of my old law books needs new homes too.


Owning branded bags, footwear, trinkets, makeup and expensive gadgets suddenly didn’t matter as the general public fought to obtain stocks of alcohol, hand sanitisers, disinfectants, canned goods and – wait for it – toilet paper (in some countries).


This pandemic has hit us with an epiphany that essentials only matter, and doctors and nurses who take care of the sick, and farmers that grow our food are worth more than a celebrity/basketball/football star during these times.


©️Rose Hill Designs by Heather Stillufsen

It’s not all bad news though. Scientists report that Mother Earth is healing due to decreased human activity. This is also probably a good time to make some changes in our lifestyle that will not contribute to destroying our planet eventually. I wish someone could invent an environment friendly alternative to plastic. That would be a great game changer! 



Politicians all over the world either proved worthy of their constituents’ votes or revealed themselves to be incompetent or corrupt. May this be a learning experience for us to vote wisely in the next elections. We are thankful that our local government here in Bukidnon heeded the doctor’s clamor to close our borders early during the outbreak so we only have a handful of positive cases. Our provincial government and the City of Malaybalay timely gave out the citizens’ cash assistance and distributed relief packs – even though some barangays struggled due to logistics.


Seeing private citizens, business owners, organizations, and corporations take the initiative to help those in need and supplement our government’s actions is heartening. Kudos to the selfless individuals who stood up to the challenge of rallying others into helping sectors directly affected and to those who answered the call and devoted their time and resources to provide assistance in their own ways:

photo credits to: Alan Ryan Legaspi, Katrina Cudal Hernandez, and Fiona Helena Maquiling, R.N. 

My husband and I – in collaboration with my in-law’s tailoring shop EJ’s Tailoring and Printing Shop , decided to donate personal protective equipment (PPE) and masks to our City Health Office because we knew they were lacking in both. My mom provided balut to our barangay’s frontliners and my husband’s close group of friends (LC) gave food packs at Barangay Sumpong, Barangay San Jose, and Barangay 1.

photo credits to: Jyner Timay

Let us not waste our front liners’ efforts to keep us safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Go out only for essential matters, otherwise stay at home. Wash your hands often, keep fit and healthy, practice physical distancing, disinfect often, and if you’re a traveler, please don’t lie about your travel history. Be honest with the authorities – lives are at stake here. Remember: it only takes one careless individual to infect a whole community. Together, we can survive this.

©️Rose Hill Designs by Heather Stillufsen


To those who are infected with COVID-19, we pray for your full recovery. May God be with you always.


Waking up everyday next to your loved ones healthy and COVID-19 free is a blessing by itself. It’s moments like this that makes us filled with gratitude towards our frontliners, people who are careful and stayed at home, farmers and manufacturers who still produce our needs, and most of all – to our Lord Almighty who blessed us with health and the means to go on.


©️Rose Hill Designs by Heather Stillufsen

Ciao for now. 



I used images from Rose Hill Designs by Heather Stillufsen for this blog. Love, love, love her work.  ❤️

Eco bricks: How to Turn Plastic Pollution into a Plastic Solution

image from DENR Agos‘ Facebook Page

Our restaurant produces a lot of waste from our everyday operations, especially when we have catering services that require packed lunches, snacks, and drinks that often include plastic straws, utensils, even the food comes packed in a styrofoam box. Plastic from iced tea sachets, Z-ice, seasonings, milk, sugar, salt, straws, and the like fill our trash bins throughout the day.

My husband and I had an epiphany when weeks ago the city garbage collection crew forgot to collect our trash for almost two weeks due to a shift change. The uncollected trash piled higher and higher as the days went by.  You can call that our “Earth Day” moment. While perusing over the huge pile of trash, I thought, “This is the amount of trash we were producing in a week? How bad! There has to be a way for us to reduce plastic waste.”

Do you know you can repurpose plastic bottles and other loose plastic/single use plastic? Rather than throw them in the trash bin and add it to heaps of garbage at your local landfill, why not repurpose them into something useful? I discovered two Facebook pages with content dedicated to upcycling plastic: Green Antz Builders and The Plastic Solution.   Both have ingenious ways on how to reuse plastic but The Plastic Solution’s method of making ecobricks is cheaper, easier, and can be done by people of all ages. Green Antz Builder’s need special machinery – a plastic shredder bike and various molders, so it requires a lot of capital.

We applied The Plastic Solution’s ecobricking practices here in Bukidnon Breeze to lessen the plastic waste we contribute to our local landfill and repurpose it for landscaping, making poultry and livestock pens, as well as build perimeter walls for our farm.

We made a contest out of making ecobricks for our staff to make it fun. They were divided into two groups and whoever makes the most correctly stuffed ecobricks will win prizes every quarter.

stuffed ecobricks

One of our service crew, Ann, stuffing plastic inside an empty mineral water bottle using a discarded fly swat handle

Our service crew, Shiela, Renejoy, Joy, Junrey, and Ann with their ecobricks 

So how do you make an ecobrick? Here’s how:

To make profit without producing non-biodegradable waste is an unachievable goal at the moment as most restaurant supplies come in plastic containers and bags. All we can do is think of methods on how to upcycle and recycle our non-biodegradable waste. In the near future we will be banning the use of plastic straws in our restaurant.

Thankfully there is a growing community of people in social media who are promoting zero-waste methods to make our everyday lives more and more sustainable and to veer us bit by bit from patronizing products with plastic. Online tips about how to deal with the problem are accessible at the touch of your fingertips so there’s really no excuse not to reduce plastic waste. All we need is DISCIPLINE and sheer WILL to adjust and change for our environment’s sake.

There is no such thing as “away”. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere. – Annie Leonard

What’s NEW in Bukidnon Breeze Seafood Restaurant

Hello! Have you been to our restaurant lately? If not, then that’s too bad because we have new choices that are definitely a must-try:

Boodle Feasts (boodle fight):

If you’re not familiar with the term, boodle fight is a Philippine Military Academy (PMA) tradition where cadets would gather around a long table full of food and rice is spread over banana leaves and eaten with bare hands. It’s a free for all as cadets attack the food (hence the term, fight) until it’s all gone. [1]The Urban dictionary humorously defines boodle fight as “Philippine fine dining” in which everyone has to eat fast and can have his fill. [2] Nowadays boodle fight style of eating is not limited to the military, it’s quite common during company/family outings as it’s easier to prepare and put away after eating. Restaurants also adopted the idea and started serving varying boodle fight menus.

Bukidnon Breeze now offers 4 boodle feasts. By the way we replaced “fight” with “feast” because eating here is accompanied either by my custom-made song playlists or live music during Fridays and Saturdays. The two large boodle feasts, Mt. Dulang-Dulang and Mt. Kitanglad are named after the two highest peaks in Bukidnon whereas the lesser ones, Musuan Peak and Mt. Capistrano are named after the two smaller popular mountains here.


  • Inclusions: Chicken barbeque, grilled tuna belly, pancit guisado, kinilaw na malasugue, fried boneless bangus, crocodile tapa, oriental salad, chao fan fried rice, unlimited juice
  • Good for 5-7 persons
  • Price: Php 1,435.00

Mt Kitanglad Boodle copy

  • Inclusions: Pork barbeque, calamares, kinilaw na malasugue, guso salad, sweet and sour lapu-lapu, garlic rice, unlimited juice
  • Good for 5-7 persons
  • Price: Php 1,250.00

20170724_160000800_iOS 1

  • Inclusions: Crispy kangkong, calamares, tempura, grilled tuna belly, guso salad, grilled pineapple/watermelon slices, fried rice, iced tea/ pineapple juice
  • Good for 4 persons
  • Price: Php 820.00

Mt Capistrano Boodle copy

  • Inclusions: Adobong kangkong, grilled kitong, lumpia special, pork barbeque, fish fillet w/ tartar sauce, cucumber salad, garlic rice, iced tea/pineapple juice
  • Good for 4 persons
  • Price: Php 920.00

Other new menu items:


  • Try our filling clubhouse sandwiches served with crispy prawn crackers for you and your friends to enjoy!
  • Price: Php 180.00


  • Tired of ordering the usual fried treats? Opt for a healthier alternative and go for our crispy kangkong! It stays crisp longer than French fries so you won’t have to worry about it getting soggy right away. Great for snacking during a hearty conversation with your loved ones or your comrades.
  • Price: Php 90.00


  • This new dish is one of my personal favorites. I love the sweetness of the pineapple sauce while relishing the juicy steamed chicken breast. It’s a delight!
  • Price: Php 230.00


  • The “Punisher” spicy beefsteak is inspired by our current President Duterte’s fiery take on corruption, terrorism, and drugs. It’s so deliciously hot 🔥🔥🔥, mapapamura ka sa sarap! Nakakaadik pero di ka matotokhang kaya order na! 😜 (©Atty. Marianne Ga. Thanks sa tagline hehehe.)

Bukidnon Breeze Seafood Restaurant is open Mondays-Saturdays, from 9:00 am – 10:00 pm (last order at 9:30 pm). See you! 😊



Bukidnon Breeze Seafood Restaurant & Events Venue (design☀)

If you happen to be in Malaybalay City please do drop by at one of the new restaurants in town: Bukidnon Breeze Seafood Restaurant & Events Venue. My husband and I established it last May 8, 2015 at Brgy. Sumpong, Malaybalay City, near Villa Mercedes Inns.

The opportunity to open a restaurant was presented to my ex-boyfriend Arnel and I (coz he’s my husband now, haha! We got married on July 2015 👰) last October 2014 when my mom’s lessee opted not to renew their contract for 2015. That leaves my mom’s building vacant for 2015 so Arnel and I decided to open a restaurant. He loves to cook, we’re great foodies, (our vital statistics says it all, ha! 😂) and it would complement my mom’s cottages and pads plus we can cater at our existing events hall. Life Essential Spa is nearby too. That would make our area an all-in-one place.


We decided to name our restaurant Bukidnon Breeze because it’s cool here most of the time. Lower estates surround the lot so we can feel the uninterrupted cool Bukidnon mountain breeze.


Since our trade name bears the name of the province Bukidnon we opted to showcase bits of Bukidnon culture around.



Do the photos on the wall look familiar? They’re from my Kaamulan Street Dancing 2013 photo shoot. I had them printed on canvas at J-Tech Printing Services. Our original idea was to purchase paintings but they cost an arm and a leg. It’s art after all. But for a starting out restaurant we thought that it’s not so smart to invest in those yet so I searched for an alternative and this is what I came up with. And it turned out well.


Gawang Kamay Foundation made the wooden bicycle above from San Fernando, Bukidnon. They make lamps and other handicrafts out of bamboo.


See those decorative bamboo dividers? My mom ordered it in bulk last year from the municipality of Lantapan and had them made into movable dividers.


Since Bukidnon is known for its vast forests we added some wood designs like what we did on our counter (this is not the final look yet). If you look outside (please refer to first photo) we had our concrete veranda shaped like lumber in keeping with the wood theme.

As for our specialties, we are the only restaurant in Malaybalay City that serves authentic crocodile dishes directly from Palawan. My next post will be reviews about our food so stay tuned. 😉


Please use this map as reference if you want to drop by at Bukidnon Breeze Seafood Restaurant & Events Venue and are unsure how to get here. We are looking forward to serving you. 😊




Color Block

Color blocking isn’t my style…until now.

Something Borrowed Collection is one of the brands I often browse for on ZALORA Philippines aside from Plains & Prints, Celine, and Chloe Edit. Their styles are simple and trendy, which I like, just like my color block maxi dress. It’s really long so I have to wear high-heeled wedges to pull off this look. Besides, I’m short so I need the extra inches. Now I look tall, even if it’s just an illusion. Nice. (.^_^.)


Dress – Something Borrowed Collection Color Block Maxi Dress, available at ZALORA Philippines


Earrings – Imono Jewelry, available at ZALORA Philippines

The maxi dress is still available at ZALORA Philippines. Buy it now until supplies last! Available in sizes XS, S, M, and L. Want a 15% discount off the price? Use my 15% off voucher code ZBAP17K upon checkout.

Thanks for viewing my post! Till next time! (.^_^.)

– iamprincesssalvia

ZALORA Brand Ambassador: iamprincesssalvia


Hey folks! Yep, you read the title right, I am now a ZALORA Brand Ambassador. Since I am now one of their brand ambassadors expect some review posts of ZALORA Philippines products soon to be posted to this site. Of course I’m only gonna post reviews of stuff I actually bought (no false advertising here). Expect outfit posts – a lot of them.  🎽👗👠👖

Now that I’m a ZALORA brand ambassador, I can now give new customers a 15% discount using my own voucher code. Here it is: ZBAP17K. Don’t forget to use it!

Majority of my accessories and clothes are bought from ZALORA Philippines. You see, living here in Malaybalay City means no malls (If you consider Gaisano Malaybalay as one then okay, one mall. 😜 ). I could go shopping in Cagayan de Oro and shop at Lim Ket Kai Mall, SM, and Centrio Ayala Mall but the 2-3 hour bus drive doesn’t float my boat, and the zigzag road at Mangima makes me turn green and blow chunks. 😰Get the picture? Haha! Not to mention being a manager, perfume store entrepreneur and a law student really anchors me here in Malaybalay City.

So what’s a woman like me gotta do to buy clothes? Resort to online shopping!  Shopping online is a definite go-to solution for busy people and those who don’t have easy access to malls like me.

I’m so glad that ZALORA came here to the Philippines.  Now I don’t have to endure turning green on the bus just to buy apparel from Plains & Prints, Bayo, Celine, Reebok, Nike, Sperry Top-Siders, etc. I can save on bus fare because the shipping fee is cheaper, or if my order exceeded Php 2,500 (Php 1,000 in other areas) then I’m entitled to free shipping. Awesome, huh? 👍

Is shopping at ZALORA Ph easy? Of course it is! Here are steps on how to shop:

  1. First, you have to create an account on their site.
  2. Once you already created your ZALORA Ph account, log in.
  3. Start shopping! Select the items you want to buy and add them to cart (or wish list if you want to save your desired items for future purchases).
  4. Go to checkout. You can redeem your voucher code here so you can get discounts.
  5. Select your preferred mode of payment. ZALORA Ph accepts payments via bank deposit, Globe gcash, credit card, PayPal, and COD (available in selected areas only).
  6. And you’re done! Your Order number will appear on screen and you’ll receive instructions on how to pay depending on what mode of payment you chose. The same will also be sent to your email address.

Now all you have to do is wait for your item to arrive at your doorstep. Got the wrong size? No worries,  just keep the item in its original packaging and fill out the return slip attached with the items and ship it back to ZALORA free of charge via LBC. Once the items passed their quality control inspection they’ll either send you a replacement or give you store credit, which you can use for future purchases.

Here’s how my recent ZALORA purchase arrived:



You see, I bought new Scarlet beige pumps, aren’t they gorgeous?


 You’ll see me wearing the other outfits I bought from ZALORA in the upcoming outfit posts. 

What are you waiting for? Shop now at ZALORA Philippines! Don’t forget to use my code: ZBAP17K

Watch out for outfit posts soon!  😎

– iamprincesssalvia

Kaamulan Festival Street Dancing 2013


Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would venture into photography….ever.

But then it’s Kaamulan season here in Bukidnon and letting a colorful and culture-rich event like the Kaamulan Festival pass is definitely a no-no.

So I prepared my Nikon D5100 and 2 lenses the night before March 2, 2013 with the hopes of getting beautiful snapshots. I didn’t get much sleep that night because I was so darn excited to watch the Kaamulan Street Dancing for the first time!  Yes folks, I’ve here in Malaybalay since April 2007 and I wasn’t able to watch the street dancing since. The reason: work. Unthinkable, I know. 😦

It’s a good thing folks with DSLRs are allowed to roam in the street where the dancers are. Otherwise I would never have the chance to watch the street dancing up close and take these pictures:




(Following info gathered from the Official Website of the Province of Bukidnon


“Kaamulan” is from the Binukid word “amul” which means “to gather”. It is a gathering of Bukidnon tribespeople for a purpose. It can mean a datuship ritual, a wedding ceremony, a thanksgiving festival during harvest time, a peace pact, or all of these put together.





Showcasing the unique indigenous culture of Bukidnon, the Kaamulan is held annually in the province, particularly in Malaybalay City, the provincial capital, from the second half of February to March 10, which latter date marks the anniversary of the creation of Bukidnon as a province in 1917.



As an ethnic festival, the Kaamulan celebrates the customs and traditions of the seven tribal groups that originally inhabited the Bukidnon region, namely, the Bukidnon, Higaonon, Talaandig, Manobo, Matigsalug, Tigwahanon and Umayamnon. Several tribal folks representing these seven hill tribes of Bukidnon gather in unity with the local dwellers in town, wearing their intricately woven costumes studded with trinkets, anklets, earrings, necklaces, leglets, headdresses and amulets. They dance together, chant, perform ancient rituals, and compete in indigenous sports.



Graced by cultural groups whose ways have remained unchanged throughout the centuries, the Kaamulan is characterized by the authentic rituals with real indigenous peoples. There is the Pangampo (general worship), the Tagulambong hu Datu (ritual for the installation of a Chieftain), the Panumanod (a spiriting ceremony), the Panlisig (rite to drive away evil spirits), and the Pamalas (sin atonement ritual) among others.


More snapshots from the event:





Watching the street dancing event up close is simply breathtaking. I was having such a good time taking these photos that I didn’t even feel tired. It is simply Bukidnon’s ethnic culture at it’s best.

I hope you enjoyed my photos. They’re taken by a first-timer but I gotta say, not bad. (.^_^.)

Please join us next year so you can witness the Kaamulan Festival yourself. It’s worth the travel and effort.

– iamprincesssalvia

Little Black Tee (Part 5 of Organized-Me Series)

Hello readers! I missed all of you! I hope you all had a great start for 2013. 🙂

Anyway, this is the last part of my Organized-Me Series. And since this is the last of the series, I decided to post about how I store things which are staple items in our wardrobe and what we women usually collect a lot…accessories!

Since I was seven years old I used to store my earrings, rings, and necklaces on music and jewelry boxes. It looks cute on my dresser, however, jewelry boxes kept taking more and more space on my dresser as my accessories piled up.

That’s the way I used to keep my accessories until I browsed Zalora last December and saw this Umbra Little Black Tee.


Product details from Zalora Philippines website:

Say Goodbye to chunky and tacky jewelry cases that take up too much space and say hello to this stylish Little Black Tee Jewelry holder and organizer from Umbra. Keep your jewelry stowed and clearly visible in your closet while you pick out your look for the day.

The women’s Little Black Tee Jewelry holder and organizer from Umbra is made of black polyester and vinyl blend in a provocative corset shape. It features 19 hook and loop tabs, and 28 clear pockets for organizing jewelry. Product dimensions are 44.5 x 31.5 x 1.75 cm.

Let me just say, the creators of jewelry organizers like this are geniuses! My jewelry is organized and the Little Black Tee presents my accessories in a decorative way. (.^_^.)

As you can see I put my earrings, small necklaces, and rings in the clear pockets…


and used the hook and loop tabs at the back to store bracelets, watches, and other necklaces.


By the way, most of these accessories are bought from ZALORA Philippines.

Looks cute right?

If you want to have your own Umbra Little Black Tee, just visit the Zalora Philippines website and order one. Price is Php 900.00 (not including shipping fee). There are other designs available like Little Black Dress (Php 1,600.00) and Little Black Corset (Php 900.00).

 How about you? How do you store your jewelry?

Thanks for reading my post! (.^_^.)


Good order is the foundation of all things.– Edmund Burke

Don’t agonize. Organize.– Florence Kennedy


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