beauty junkie



They’re just some of the words you can describe me with. 

And this website may most likely revolve on the words stated above.


A woman can still look sexy and fashionable without showing too much skin. With the right clothes, shoes (preferably wedges), and accessories, a woman can still stand out from the crowd while not compromising her feminine Filipina image. For that reason, I love wearing skirts and dresses that still look sexy but with a feminine tone.


Being exposed to business matters at an early age because of my mom, eventually I established PocketScents, a perfume refilling station located at DJM Arcade, Brgy. 5, Tabios Street, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. What started as collecting perfumes as a hobby eventually turned out into a business opportunity.  PocketScents was established last December 2009. The store has relocated at our newly established restaurant: Bukidnon Breeze Seafood Restaurant & Events Venue at Brgy. Sumpong, Malaybalay City last May 2015.


As stated in my blog Kaamulan Street Dancing 2013, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would venture into photography. I just bought my DSLR last 2009 as an added edge to present well and photograph items I sell online. Special photography training? None. But ever since I stepped out on the streets of Malaybalay City and took shots during the Kaamulan Street Dancing last 2013 I discovered a new passion. I read a lot of articles about photography ever since and I’m still honing my skill. So far this skill has been helpful to our business since we don’t have to hire a professional photographer for our businesses’ promotional shots.

Align your dreams with your talents. If they don’t align, then work really hard. Hard work is the Number One thing. Nothing comes easy. – Georgina Wilson