Disclaimer: I am not a know-it-all expert on Young Living products , I’m just writing about my experience.

Hello oilbolaryos! This Young Living series is for you!

I decided to write a blog series about my tried and proven Young Living products because a number of friends keep asking if the oils are really worth it. One of my Facebook friends also founded a barter community so I put some of my oils that I don’t use anymore up for trade. The ones who bartered with me also asks questions about on how to use the oils, what other oils I use, and how effective they are. Some of them availed of last month’s irresistable starter kit promo and they’re kinda anxious if they made the right choice. I say it’s a pretty good deal. 👍🏻 My starter kit cost a lot more way back then.

I thought I’ll just write one post about how I use my Young Living oils, but then I realized it’s gonna be too long so I decided on a series instead.

This is also an I-was-right-about-getting-these! post for my husband, hahahaha! 😆 He thought I was just making a mindless subscription years ago but he sure is benefitting a lot from my essential rewards now. My friends’ husbands had similar reactions too. I even remember one of them tell me that her husband told her “Murag gipaaso ra nimo ang kwarta 😁.” (It’s like you’re turning our cash to smoke). Needless to say they were converted easily after reaping the benefits. I mean, my husband LOVES the oils I use for him now, so I’m sure it’s the same for others out there.

So, without further ado, here are my husband’s favorite Young Living combos:

Hubby enjoys weekend motor trail bike rides with his comrades. I expect him coming home with some body pains, since tumbling down on difficult trails comes with the sport. This combo also comes in handy when he comes home from the farm after doing heavy farm work. He’s not the type who just stands and watches, he really gets his hands dirty and joins the farm workers while supervising.

I apply Deep Relief on areas where his muscles are sore and massage him well, then I apply Panaway neatly (pure, no dilution) afterwards. In that order. I tried applying Panaway first before but he complained that oil felt hot, he really likes Deep Relief applied first because it’s soothing his aching muscles then top it off with Panaway because it completely takes the muscle pain away.

My significant other is snoring blissfully by my side after his massage with this combo while I’m typing this.

My husband participates on weekly YANUT Ball Club basketball games before the COVID-19 outbreak. He enjoys an after-sports massage before going to sleep so I searched on what suitable massage oil to buy, either Ortho Ease or Ortho Sport. I decided on Ortho Sport because it’s stronger and purchased it from Young Living USA. Then I had it shipped via Kango Express.

I mix Panaway with Ortho Sport if their game that day was more fatiguing than usual.

Ah, this one. Discovering this combo and feeling its effects made my husband a believer in Young Living, ahahaha!

There were back-to-back celebrations last year so my husband joined with his friends’ drinking spree. As expected, he had quite the hangover that kept him bedridden all day and all night. When he awakes he is greeted by a splitting headache that makes him groan and walk like a zombie, then promises never to drink that much again (he still does 😏).

Times like that are bothersome especially if we have catering events the next day that needs his supervision or if he needs to do a long drive the following day, so I researched on a blend that helps with hangovers. Then I found this diffuser recipe:

3 drops Lavender and 2-3 drops Rosemary

I diffused it one morning while he was asleep, hangover from the previous night’s drinking session with his friends, in our bedroom and went on with my chores. To my surprise, he woke up at lunchtime feeling better (with only a minor headache remaining) and went to our restaurant’s kitchen to check on operations. Well that never happened before, it must be the oils! I diffused this a few more times when he came home drunk and it really cuts his recovery time from alcohol consumption. Amazing!

My husband only drinks occasionally, so I don’t know if this blend will be as effective to those who drink alcohol everyday or almost everyday.

I have various combinations for oils before sleeping (which I’ll write about in later posts), but this one is my husband’s absolute favorite. The combo is just an experiment of mine since I like the scent of oregano, but find it too strong and overpowering for diffusing, so I decided to add zesty citrus oils. This is the combo:

4 drops Lemon, 3 drops Citrus Fresh, and 2 drops Oregano

One evening I was putting this blend in our Desert Mist diffuser in our bedroom when I heard my husband inhaling deeply. Then he said these exact words: “Humot lage kaayo na. Murag familiar ang baho, dayon naa happy childhood memory involved pero di ko maremember exactly. Basta maka happy ang baho.” (Translation: That’s really fragrant. It smells familiar, like it trigerred a happy childhood memory but I can’t remember exactly. It just makes me happy.) Then he smiled and closed his eyes to sleep.

Aaaaand we’re diffusing it a lot ever since. I like the benefits too, since Lemon and Citrus Fresh are antiviral and refreshes the air while Oregano boosts the respiratory system. A fitting blend to diffuse during the pandemic.

This blend is originally made for deterring swarms of ants from nesting in our L300 and pickup truck because insects hate the scent of peppermint and Thieves. I don’t want to use Baygon spray because it’s toxic and it smells bad. Hubby and I were about to run errands one day so I sprayed this blend inside the pickup truck 5 minutes before leaving. He inhaled deeply as he sat on the driver’s seat and remarked:

Hubby: Humot kaayo ni oh. Ganahan ko. Nag spray ka?” (Translation: It smells great. I like it. Did you spray in here?)

Me: “Oo kay pampawala sa lamigas.” (Translation: Yes, to drive away ants.).

Hubby: “Ganahan ko sa baho ani. Makarelax ug refreshing ang humot.” (Translation: I like this scent. It’s relaxing ang refreshing.)

And we’re using it ever since.

To make this car spray I mix 2 drops of Thieves Household cleaner and 3 drops Peppermint oil in a small sprayer bottle and fill it with distilled water. If you want a more disinfecting car spray add 1-2 drops of witch hazel extract.

Note: Our vehicles’ upholstery is fabric. I haven’t tried spraying this on leather yet. I read somewhere that Thieves Household cleaner can be drying on leather. For leather upholstered cars I suggest diffusing Peppermint EO using Orb diffuser instead.

Hubby doesn’t use this massage oil but it benefits him GREATLY. I’ll explain in awhile.😉

Earlier this year (before the pandemic hit) I ordered some Young Living products from the US catalog to order some massage oils for myself and my husband, along with Sacred Mountain, Clarity, Brain Power, and Thieves dental floss. I only did a full research on the effects of Ortho Ease and Ortho Sport – the two choices for hubby’s massage oils – and eventually chose Ortho Sport. I bought Relaxation massage oil for myself and then I saw this one, Sensation, on the online catalog. I looked at the ingredients and saw Ylang-ylang, Bergamot, and Jasmine on the list and told myself, “Wow, I bet this smells great!”, and added it on my cart and checked out.

My package arrived a month later so I booked our regular masseuse on a weekend when my husband has a basketball game. I’m excited to try on our massage oils because Sensation smells oh-so-fragrant-and-oh-so-feminine and I’m curious if Ortho Sport lives up to the hype (it does). I had my massage first before my husband and the masseuse remarked how fragrant and uncommon our massage oils are. I also would like to point out that our masseuse slathers us with massage oils like there’s no tomorrow, hahaha! Moving on…

Fast forward to bedtime and I started feeling frisky! 😉 Needless to say we enjoyed a romantic night – my husband especially because I was the more active one that evening, and when to sleep.

Two weeks later I booked our masseuse again and used Sensation and the same thing happened that evening! This went on until the third time I used this oil for massage. We were lying in bed after lovemaking and hubby said, “Huh, you’re unusually hot today. Are you fertile?” I checked my menstrual calendar and replied “My calendar doesn’t show I’m in my fertile week. That’s odd.” Then it hit me. I didn’t eat any aphrodisiac foods, I’m not in my fertile week, didn’t read anything unusual, but I just had a massage earlier that evening, just like those other nights. So I looked up on the effects of Sensation the next day and wow, it’s for heating things up in the bedroom! Hahaha! I just bought it for the scent but I didn’t expect this at all! But I must say, IT’S EFFECTIVE. Bow chicka bow wow. ❤️

I’m not sure if it’s effective for women only but I read somewhere that if you want the male version for men, use Goldenrod essential oil.

And that’s it for my blog, Oils For My Husband! I hope you enjoyed this first part of My Life with Young Living Series. I’ll be blogging about the oils I use for the second part of this series so stay tuned! Till my next blog everyone! Ciao! 🌷

– iamprincesssalvia