Nope. Audrey is not a person.

It’s a Louis Vuitton speedy 25 bag.

Yes I’m one of those people who assign names on their belongings, and no, I don’t name them all, that would be absurd. (.^_^.)

Why Audrey anyway? I purchased this bag because the birth of the speedy 25 is attributed to one of my favorite icon ladies of all time: Audrey Hepburn.

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The smallest bag way back then was the speedy 30. Though Audrey Hepburn liked the style, she found it too big for her liking so in 1965 she asked Henri Louis Vuitton to make a smaller version of the speedy. Hence, the speedy 25 is born. The bag was linked to her name ever since.

Having a bag like Audrey Hepburn….yey! (speechless na, I dunno what happened, haha!)


A bag like this is a good investment because it increases in value. And because it is one of the iconic, classic it-bags (like Hermes Birkin and Chanel 2.55), it will never be out of style. What I really like about this bag is it’s really versatile, you can pair it with your casual wear or go formal with it. It’s also a good traveling tote because this small bag can actually pack more stuff than you think.

If you’re a lady looking for a classic bag then you really should consider getting one of these.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading this.  Stay tuned for more posts, folks. Thanks for stopping by. (.^_^.)

Update: May 14, 2020 

I already sold this bag because it’s too small for me.