Ahoy perfume aficionados out there!

We perfume lovers want to smell good all the time, so we tend to re-spritz our fragrances when we’re away from home. The same applies when we travel, we always want to bring our favorite scents with us.

But what if we can’t bring our favorite perfumes with us due to reasons like airline restrictions, or because the whole bottle doesn’t fit in our bag or it’ll add unnecessary weight? Disappointing, right?

Thank goodness I discovered this:

Meet the latest addition to my kikay kit: my Travalo Excel Refillable Atomizer in light pink. It’s cute right? It looks just like a lipstick! Thanks to this cute little thing I can bring my favorite perfume (Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker) everywhere I go. By the way, it can hold up to 5 ml or 50 sprays. What’s amazing about Travalo atomizers is that you can fill it with perfume with no hassle at all. So how do you fill your Travalo? Here’s how:

I love the way my Travalo helps me economize my perfume. I know the ad says it can hold up to 50 sprays, but I think it can hold up to more than that. Or maybe I just think that way because I only press the spray pump halfway, I dunno. Haha! With this atomizer I also observed that most of my perfume when spritzed (full pump, not halfway ha) lands on my skin. There are other atomizers that disperse some (or most) of your perfume in the air, and I find that wasteful.  Hey, authentic perfumes are expensive, so we just wanna make every drop count, right? (.^_^.)

You’ll know when you’ll run out of perfume because the other side of the Travalo has a shatterproof clear window, so you can see how much perfume is left inside.

So what are you waiting for? Get your own Travalo! It’s available in malls, imported stores, or if you’re in Malaybalay City you can visit my store PocketScents and purchase one. I have available Travalo atomizers in Classic or Excel.

Stay tuned for more posts about my latest items or events. Thanks for stopping by. (.^_^.)