Hi everyone! Princess Salvia here.

To create a blog is just one of my to-do projects this year. One project done (yey)!

Honestly I’m reluctant to even try making a blog site because I thought creating one is really complicated for an average techie like me. But thanks to the magazine, The Blogger’s Book: The ultimate guide to WordPress, Tumblr and Joomla, I realized that it’s quite easy! This blog site was actually created in less than 3 minutes. I’ll soon post about the aforementioned magazine in my succeeding posts.

Stay tuned for posts about gadgets, perfumes, bags, accessories, events, places and many more!

That’s all for now. We have a Testimonial Dinner and Acquaintance Party to be attended by students and faculty of the Bukidnon State University College of Law this evening. Gotta prepare. Ciao.

There is no better way to exercise the imaginations than the study of law. No artist ever interpreted nature freely as a lawyer interprets the truth. – Jean Giradoux

– iamprincesssalvia (.^_^.)